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there was no brady bill. it took another election. the election of 1992, in which sarah brady, a life-long republican, the daughter of that fbi agent, she supported the democrat, bill clinton. she supported him because he supported the brady bill. and in the fall of clinton's first year in office, with clinton's party in control of the house and of the senate, it actually happened. >> in the east room of the white house today, it was not just an ordinary presidential ceremony, the end of a long road for jim and sarah brady, parents of the brady bill. >> that was a road more than 12 years long. but at last gun control supporters could smile. the brady bill was now law. >> and now we're here to tell the nra that their nightmare is true, we're back. we're not going away after brady. we have a lot to do. >> chuck schumer, a much younger congressman chuck schumer back then and wasn't entirely wrong when he said that. congress did pass and clinton did sign an assault weapons ban months later. when they lost in a landslide in the 1994 midterms, many democrats blamed their gun activism for it. they did so ag
may be tricky, but again the ultimate check on presidential law is elections and in extreme cases engagement, but elections by really should be a check on -- >> so when the irs prevents the word from getting out they infect thwarinfact thwart the e, therefore, elections are no longer the final answer, are they? >> to the extent that the irs targeting is an example of discriminatory enforcement, you're quite right. it's actually the most corrosive form of -- it does cast on everything that follows. it cast doubt on elections that followed. you're quite right. >> thank you, mr. chairman. >> the gentleman from georgia mr. johnson, is recognized for five minutes. >> thank you, mr. chairman. for holding this very important and significant hearing today. get my notes squared away. this hearing is pure political theater. it's a comedy but the audience has seen it so many times now that it's no longer funny. in fact, this hearing is an egregious waste of this committee's time. especially when one considers all of the legislation that remains unaddressed by the house, like immigration refo
's your suggestion on -- what been finally resolved the i know we said elections, if the elections are affected by decisions of the executive branch, what do the people who are the final arbiters of this definition of the constitution? >> to me are -- >> i'm asking mr. cannon. >> i think it was to meet him and get asking if there's no remedy, what did the people do. to what particular sort of abuses are you -- >> anyone on the list of the enumerated powers, for example, any with the question of war because that's the starkest of all. >> there is a procedure in the constitution that allows peoplee people to amend the constitution without going through congress. that is another method where the people can try to restrain executive spent you suggest then if that should happen why would an executive with such disrespect for the constitution today on an amended constitution from the constitutional convention? >> that is an excellent question. >> i would like to turn to mr. turley. he's had a chance to reflect upon the earlier statement of the situation that we are in, and where this goe
to judicial review. ultimately though, that check on the constitutional violation is the election so this is the sort of hearing that we ought to be having and that the electorate ought to be paying attention to for the next round. >> rector? >> there is little that congress can do if it is divided over the president's abuse of his authority. but unfortunately comin commandr as the traditional revenues go it is very difficult for them to challenge an action of the president when he relaxes an obligation on a certain party. it's much easier to find those that have standing to challenge the action that imposes the due obligations that the legislature has never approved. that is what has happened in the case of the president issuing tax credits through federal exchanges because those tax credits will trigger tax penalties on employers and individuals in those 34 states that have established the exchange and a number of those employers and individuals including the two states attorneys general in the 15 indiana school districts and a dozen or more private employers and private citizens h
's in charge of the republican governor's association which tries to get republicans elected. yesterday chris christie tried to set the record straight. >> mr. asterino hasn't told me or anyone else he's run for governor. i won't support someone who won't say they are running or not. it's much ado about nothing. my guess is some people, irresponsible folks who are trying touring him to run to try to create an image that, you know, i'm urging him to run. i'm not urging him to do anything. he came and asked for time specifically asked for time with me and mary, for he and his wife to meet with the two of us the impact it has on our family. they have young children like we do and that's what the whole conversation was about. when we have a republican nominee for new york then i'll support the republican nominee for new york. >> i had no idea. as he said i was at the republican governor's association. he's westchester, one 2-1 margin as a conservative in a democratic area. but everybody there knew he was running. i don't understand the confusion here. he talked to ed koch and everybody else. >> w
. the last time was the election year when he could make a case to defend his record. this time you do not have a moment like that way you can say give me another chance. -- dig be harder to send out of a hole like this. it is pretty easy to write off a .ame-duck resident people look for opportunities to do so in this town. you highlight another obstacle facing, digging out of perceptions. the closer we get to 2016, the more they will be fixed. that is a big challenge that this white house faces. we are speaking to scott wilson, the white house bureau chief. we are talking about recent fores, criticism received please give us a call. the phone numbers are on the screen. of course, we will also be taking your comments on e-mail, facebook, and twitter. as folks are calling in, we want to ask you about this headline in october. talk about the inattention to detail that you see here. guest: a couple things have come up recently with the national security agency eavesdropping disclosures. he said he was not aware the united states was eavesdropping on a german chancellor's p
and federal exchange have generated more than 230,000 confirmed elections through november 30th. insurers already back logged trying to process the applications, worrying that they won't be able to handle the new surge and get them processed in time for coverage to begin january first. the insurers say they have now fixed the major flaws with the insurance files on and they expect that now the process will go more smoothly. they will certainly be put to the test in the days to come. bertha coombs, nightly business reform. >>> and could projected reforms in mexico open up new lucrative opportunities for american companies. but first, a look at international markets today. >>> the supreme court has declined to get involved in the problems between states and on-line retailers about the collections for sales taxes. in a big review, the high court will not review the suit brought by and which urges that by wednesday they have the requirement to collect sales taxes even though the sellers are not located in those states. >>> and meanwhile, an
addresses, i've used his decision when elected president of south africa to invite that guard from his prison to be there as one of his honored guests at his inauguration as president of south africa. that, to me, speaks volumes. nelson mandela taught us powerful lessons about justice, tolerance and reconciliation. as the first democratically elected president of south africa, mandela was the father of a new nation, like george washington the father of our nation, he chose deliberately to walk away from power. in doing so he reminded us that peaceful, orderly transition of power is one of the hall machines of a real -- hallmarks of a real democracy. sadly this year, for the second year in a roarks the award committee wouldn't identify one african leader who met that standard. leaders in neighboring zimbabwe, egypt, cuba and so many other nations torn by conflict and manipulated division would do well to ponder this greatness of nelson mandela. at the end of persist presidency he came to washington to receive the congressional gold medal. this congressional gold medal is the highest hon
anybody in america who's worked harder for his re-election or supported this bill or went out of his way to explain the bill to the american people more than i did. >> so mr. clinton says he does not know whether his wife will run for president. and adds that he would support joe biden as a 2016 presidential nominee if he got the nomination. he'll support any democratic nomination. >>> notre dame is suing over obama care birth control mandates. they're doing this again. the university filed a fresh lawsuit opposing insurance for student and employees saying it goes against the teachings of catholic church. the affordable care act does make exceptions for religious institutions. so this new lawsuit seeks an expanded exception for schools and universities as well. >>> the house has passed a ten-year extension of the 25-year-old ban on plastic guns that can pass metal detectors and x-ray machines. new york senator charles schumer calls the extension better than nothing, but not by much. he plans to pass a tougher bill on monday, the day the classic gun band is set to expire. >>> vice presid
, my god, that is the title. elected up on the amazon and of the various book catalogs i could find. no one is ever used the title. such an obvious title it also is the title betty essentially gives me into a lot of trouble. i find a very good way of bringing yourself to enter for taking this of town a bigger to is to look and amazon one star reviews. one star reviews, when they say, this is the most boring book and never read in my life. there is 11 star review at the moment from a woman he says, i am an unabashed militant feminist and and so appalled by the fact is called the men who united the rates. so i get no one star of you without even being read. but her view is one that i anticipated. why is it all made? the fact is, the reality is that in the physical united states of america it has been the business, almost entirely, man. there's only one woman who appears in the story, and that is sacajawea analysts in kaj saga. otherwise i'm afraid to say women play and sillery rules. in other an important role and other aspects of america, but not in the physical union of the nation.
and parliamentary elections. this government should resign. >> pictures have emerged from sunday night that show the police were at times brutal in their treatment of protest ors and journalists. anton is a photographer, one of dozens who were beaten by riot police. he pleaded to them to stop. this is what is left of his camera. but the police were also on the receiving end. officials say 35 were hurt by protesters, some in hospital. away from city hall there are no protests, just the grim life of wirpt. tatiana is very much in favor of political change. >> we were on our knees for a long time. now it's time to wake up. i'm grateful for the protestors, i want my children and grandchildren to have better lives. >> they put guards on the barricades. they control the center of kiev. but they will have to convince the rest of the country to follow them. >> that's al jazeera's barnaby phillips. >>> just returned from protest in kiev last week, now with us in chicago. appreciate both of you being with us. again i'll talk with you for a moment, ask you, you were at the protest, what did you see? pavlo?
one that somehow care for the people. >> john cavanagh wrote the election privatizing prison health care. we asked whether he thought it would put prisoners in gaol. >> people die in gaol. i receive emails and letter from prisoners and families, with you call the prison people up, and they usually have an explanation for it. i spoke to a woman day. she gave birth, had a c sections, the wound opened up and the doctor took sugar and poured it inside the wheel. does that sound like adequate health care? >> that doesn't sound like a true allegation, it sounds ridiculous. prisoners have 24/7 to think up allegations and right evidence. i'm not saying some you don't take with a grain of salt or a grain of the sugar. >> how can the woman that gave birth, how can she prove that allegation. she's in prison. who will listen to her? >> there's no shortage of people who would file a lawsuit. a class action lawsuit is the biggest scam to the public. i think most people who get into them wind up with nothing and the lawyers walk away with their drunks full of cash. >> we are planning a wedd
or 80 percent. >> that's obviously an elective things. >> it's not. he is a woman trapped in a man's body and that's very psychologically damaging. >> we're not going to make fun of that. >> i'm not but he says it's dis heartening. >> transgender people have their reasons for what they do but it's not life threatening, it's this would make my life better so it's optional. >> the taxpayers are picking up a part of that tab, not the whole thing. >> if you have cancer or something, as you said, aids, they pick up the whole thing? >> the problem with cancer, if you are diagnosed and you want the chemo right away you get in line for a few months. a lot of people don't think it's acceptable to wait for chemo. >> a lot of people come here. >> even with cancer you got to wait? >> you do. >> jesse watters, everybody. as the factor moves along this evening, brit hume and michelle obama talking about personal things. is that a smart thing to do politically? charges that singer katy perry is anti-japanese. you're not going to believe what's going on here. we'll analyze and hope you stay tuned
tonight. a look ahead to who may be running in the next presidential election. california voters were asked about possible republican presidential candidates, and they appear to have a clear favorite, new jersey governor chris christie. he is on top with 47% voters who responded to the poll saying they have a favorable view of him. that compares to 29% favorable for bush, the former governor from florida and 24% for texas senator ted cruz. >>> a federal judge has cleared the way for cash-strapped detroit to become the largest city in the united states to qualify for bankruptcy. detroit is more than $18 billion in debt. under today's ruling, detroit would be allowed to search for a way to pay off some of its debt and to restore essential city services. it's also expected to target public pensions during the reorganization which means labor unions will likely appeal today's decision. >>> cold here in the bay area often means snow in the sierra. >> it has been padre year, but the ski resorts say it is about normal. >>> then, river otters in san francisco bay? the new pictures that are gi
the 2004 election when president bush was reelected. "the times" on that story for a year is why edward snowden took his rev liegss further this year to "the guardian" in britain. today, the editor of "the guardian" has only published about 1% of what edward snowden gave them. is that decision not to publish 99% an issue of bravery, intimidati intimidation? is that judgment? they are deciding, in effect, what we get to know about what our government does based on their judgment of what counts as news. and their judgment conceivably of what harm they could cause by releasing to the public what they as a news organization are privileged to know that the rest of us to do. it is a very, very uncomfortable thing. it is part of why the job of a free and responsible press is a hard thing, a hard job, hard to do well. you want the people that do it to be worthy of the responsibility they have. tomorrow morning in a law officer in dan bury, connecticut. phone calls will be made available to the phone calls made the morning of the sandy hook shootings. the victims said they did not want those tap
service under, dsp operations to identify problems and propose correct elections. we found six barrels remain noncompliant in this area are both cycles of our inspections. generally, bear management did not provide adequate oversight to ensure sales timelier complete. we correlation to sao noncompliance in bank into a temporary director or manager positions for advance or greater. currently, we are assessing bba's initiatives to improve claims processing and eliminate the backlog. we are reviewing the initiative vba began on april 19, 2013 to process within 60 days i'll claims over two years old. i've know, we determined 10 of 11 provisional rating decisions at the los angeles burial were not compliant with vba guidance. we found the director's office had enough conflict think i'd just ask or require provisional ratings without supporting medical evidence. concerned that additional errors they exist, we recommended that bba review for accuracy all 170 provisional rating completed by the los angeles bureau after the conflict has issued. findings from our ongoing audit of the veterans be
vote to get elected and make his presidency seem cool and all of that. and the real problem for him is, look, his numbers may go up among young people before the end of his presidency, but he's never going to get back that sort of cool image that he once had because it's very difficult to get that image back. that's something that once you've lost that aura of magic, you can't get it back. and that's going to be a real problem for him because that means he's going to have to deliver and not just used glorified rhetoric that people used to buy. once you're skeptical of someone, it's very hard to be a true believer again. jon: and wouldn't you agree, jonah, that this younger generation that is the most tech-savvy and the most comfortable with internet sign-ups for everything is going to be very leerily of all of the -- leerily that they've hard about all of the problems and the security concerns which we were told yesterday on this program still have not been addressed. >> yeah. look, the whole point of obamacare was to make people feel more secure, and the overall effect of obamacare ha
center, a former biographer and a former officer who oversaw their first democratic elections in 1994. don't miss "this week" coming up with george stephanopoulos right here at 8:00 on abc7. former presidents will attend tuesday's massive memorial service in south africa. this as family and friends pay tribute to south africa's national hero. here's byron pits. >> it represents the rain dough of this country. he was the last. >> reporter: nelson mandela would be laid to rest in grand style. tuesday a mel oracle service like the world has never seen. some 95,000 people packed inside the fnb stadium. wednesday through friday the former president will lie in state in the legislative capital. next sunday he will be lid it rest in the small village of his boyhood near the cape. those closest to mandelacy they will miss the closest things. the closest friend and lawyer remembers his friend's consideration even at the hospital these last months. he sid george make sure you take the jacket with you, don't leave it behind. for a man who was critical, to be concerned about my jacket, says somet
elected president of all south africans. i know that i speak on behalf of people in my constituency, holborn and st pancras, because they have a very special relationship with the anti- apartheid movement. the movement was founded at a meeting of about 60 people in holborn hall in the summer of 1959. its first leaflets were distributed a fortnight later outside camden town underground station. its headquarters were always located in our area, and it always had our support. local people were particularly delighted when mr mandela came to camden town in july 2003 to unveil a blue plaque in memory of ruth first, who was murdered by the south african secret police, and joe slovo, who was a member of president mandela's first cabinet. i am delighted that his daughter gillian slovo is here to observe our proceedings. over many years, committed people in britain campaigned against apartheid, the trials of the leaders of the african national congress and the imprisonments that followed. they continued to campaign against the oppression of all black south africans and of all the other people
through this for 2012 election. can you handle 2016? looks like rumors are swirling they want you to throw your hat into the ring again? >> the rumors are always coming and going. but the biggest question would be, would that mean i would have to quit being on "fox & friends" on saturday? >> no. emphatically i want to speak for our producers -- >> i'm just checking. >> because, you know, this is one of my favorite things of the week. >> i covered you last time. that was fun. at least from our point of view, it was really fun. >> i had a great time. i really did. it's one of those things you're not supposed to enjoy but i actually enjoyed the connection with people and campaigns don't have to be miserable. they can really be an energizing experience. >> you were tried and true. it's unbelievable, he remembers everybody's names and where they're from and different things about them. i imagine you are a rock star on the campaign trail. >> i wouldn't go that far. but, you know, it's an enormous experience to be able to really touch america and to understand what this country is about. get away
to 80%. >> that's obviously an elective thing. >> no, it's not. he is a woman trapped in a man's body. and that's very psychologically damaging to him. i'm note making fun of this. but he says it's very disheartening. >> right. transgendered people certainly have their reasons for what they do. and that's legitimate. >> right. >> but it's not a life threatening you got to get it fixed or you're going to die. >> no. >> this would make my life better. so it's optional. >> taxpayers are picking up part. >> but not the whole thing. but if you're a cancer patient or have aids, the whole boot. >> the problem with cancer, if you're diagnosed and you want the chemo right away, they'll put you in line for a few months. >> you have you to wait. >> a lot of people don't think it's accept to believe wait for keep moment. >> a lot of thousands come here. if you got cancer, you want it treated right away. even with cancer, you got to wait. >> you do. >> all right, jesse watters, everybody. >>> brit hume on michelle and barack obama talking about very personal things. is that a smart thing to do pol
one that would require and tsa to spend all the loose change elected at airports. live house coverage when they return here on c-span. at the white house today, president obama is holding a meeting with the president of colombia. the two leaders will talk about the economy, and trade relations. the white house says the president will highlight the benefits of the 2010 law as the sign up on the insurance exchanges enters into third month. live coverage of the president's on c-span 3.:30 we hear from republican leaders after the republican conference meeting this morning. good morning, everybody. republicans continue to stay focused on the economy. the american people want us to do everything we can to strengthen the economy so there are more jobs and higher wages available. this week we will take further steps to strengthen our economy. the president's health care law continues to wreak havoc on , smalln families businesses, and our economy. it is not just a broken website. this bill was fundamentally flawed. causing people to lose the doctor of their choice, causing them to lose their
the governor and all of the elected officials and the surrounding area and members of congress who have represented the area we think it presents one of the serious environmental threats facing the metropolitan region. new york is no longer needing to face the threats because the champlain hudson power would've the liver of thousand megawatts per hour to the metropolitan region and the implementation of the champlain hudson power express of the new torque electric grid would be increased and new yorkers would no longer have to live with the dangers in their own backyard. it's obviously a benefit to new york and the safety of new yorkers is all of our concern. given the great benefits of the project ipv6 important that it is implemented in a timely manner. my question is to plan for the post-indian point new york. i am sure we have to make sure we have sufficiently reliable safe energy to replace the facility because when some of us said that it should be closed, people came back with what are you going to do to replace it so i believe the line provides a portion of that energy and i wou
on the constitution by those elected and then went on to revive, restore and preserve that constitution for the many generations of americans who followed. yield back. the speaker pro tempore: pursuant to clause 12-a of rule 1, the chair declares the house noon today.til you can watch that hearing live, the veterans' affairs subcommittee, at 3:00 eastern on c-span2. at the white house today in just a few minutes, president obama is expected to be talking about the economy, reiterating his call for raising the minimum wage. he's speaking at an event at the center for american progress. we'll have that live for you once it gets under way here on c-span. >> friday on c-span -- "washington journal" looks at the mission and role of the national institutes of health starting live at 7:00 eastern with director francis collins on future projects and the impact of sequestration. at 8:00, allergy and infectious disease anthony fauci followed by director green, director of the human genome institute. at 9:00, national institutes director harold varmus and at 9:30, a look at the national institutes of mental he
we elect people, put them on staff? if that's the way it is, i understand. i'm a pragmatic realist. in the end, i would think it's important that somebody reads it before they pass it because i think all the surprises in obama it's not fair to put many public workers back in this kind of gray area again. this is supposed to save $150 billion over the next several decades and all eyes will be focused on illinois because it's the worst and it's trying to get better. back to you, simon. >>> tweet time. jeff bezos reveals they are experimenting with drone-based delivery. the service amazon prime air could be ready in the next four or five years and could carry objects to customers within a ten-mile radius of an amazon distribution center. is it a great idea? what's the worst that could happen? tweet us @squawkstreet. [ female announcer ] thanks for financing my first car. thanks for giving me your smile. thanks for inspiring me. thanks for showing me my potential. for teaching me not to take life so seriously. thanks for loving me and being my best friend. don't forget to thank those w
participation requirements of 70% -- the insurance carrier can require that percentage of the employees to elect the coverage. many carriers require the employer pay a significant percentage of the premium paid sometimes 100% of the cost. the concept that the employer is only going to pay for the coverage based on the 9.5% rule is not the case, not for smaller players and not for large employers. employers are paying significantly more, especially as of the fact that they cannot know household income. the discrimination rules, which have yet to be issued, or a antinuing concern -- are continuing concern. the senior counsel indicated to me that they cannot enforce those rules. it is what we have experienced in actual practice, even when there is an audit they asked to see the testing, check it off their list, and they are done with the issue. will be extremely difficult for them to do so for small insured plans. and very difficult for the employers to coordinate a nondiscriminatory program across various companies in different industries and states. automatic enrollment, if the group should happe
election where the leadership of the country changed hands. so we're living in a world where it's easy to blur the lines. but i think it's important to recognize that what they did in bosnia was of lasting and enduring benefit. and the cooperative mechanism that was established to share information and to do it in a responsive, straightforward way is a good role model that ought to be followed in the future. it's not one of those lessons, to quote one of the things in the book, that ought to have to be relearned. i like former secretary of state jim baker very much, but when he said in response to the trouble in bosnia we don't have a dog in that fight, i think he was wrong. we did have a dog in the bosnian fight, and we still do. what was the end of the cold war going to mean? the rise of chaos? or the rise of democracy, prosperity and cooperation? if you want it to be the latter instead of the former, no matter how thorny bosnia had become, no matter how much blood had been shed, no matter how much determination there was for destruction, we had to get caught trying to do the right t
? is senator schumer going to be out there? other people up for election going to say i'm doubling down on obamacare? >> they've got to because their political lively hoods depend on it. they ran on it. many of them said if you like your health care plan you can keep it, of course we know that is not true. what they doubled down on yesterday is they said the republicans showed you stories about people who lost their coverage. they're heartbreaking, but look at this person, they got coverage for the first time ever and isn't that great. republicans are going to continue the drumbeat it is a bad law with bad consequences. organizing for action, the president is going to help you division, encourages people to apply by the first of the, of next year. and here is what they have just -- >> here's their slogan. >> apply, shop, buy. >> but it's backwards. shouldn't you shop before you apply or buy? >> it's more like try, try, try. >> here we go. this on our facebook page. that is the government's slogan. apply, shop, buy. that is supposed to propel us to jump into the exchanges or jump into ob
. >> now, election's coming up. many think that this compromise, the fact it was bipartisan, is going to give you an edge for a second term. with our final 40 seconds here, can you give us an idea of some of the issues you're going to be underscoring as you make a run for a second term? >> you need governors that take on hard issues like pension reform, and like making sure we have marriage equality in our state. i signed that law a couple of weeks ago. that's what governors should do. i don't worry about politics. i worry about policy. i inherited terrible problems from rob blagojevich. we cleaned up the ethics, and we reformed the pension system which needed fundamental reform. >> now, with regard to chicago, which you can't speak for directly, obviously -- >> i live in chicago. >> no, i understand that. it seems like rahm emanuel is going to have issues regarding property taxes and raising property taxes, because they have a pretty big gaping deficit hole. do you have any advice or any issues that you think we can learn from on how you negotiate on a state level with respect to rah
. but they are not in a position to do that because they've got nervous democrats up for re-election. they had to fix this. they had to come up with something they said was a fix. december 1st. but puts them in the unenviable position of, again, saying something that probably from what i read -- i mean, if you can go in and log in and maybe get on there. but if you -- the back end seems like it's more important than the front end. and if you don't have the back end done, how do any of these companies write insurance? signing up for it is one thing, actually getting it is another, right? >> that point you're making is absolutely true. i'll reflect in history back to 2006 when i had the responsibility of implementing the medicare part d program. we reached -- we had some substantial technical problems in the first eight weeks of the system. there was a stretch of about 13 days where i was in 20 states and that 13-day period. and my message was basically breathe through your nose because we're trying to get this fixed and we're going to get this fixed. and i was buying time. i was doing what i thought was th
election will break the fever of partisanship and get things done when you give my team unified control. >> we can fix it all if we have everything. >> we have a shutdown looming, folks. let's not forget that. we have a deadline, otherwise we're going through all of this again. >> bah humbug, john. >> the voters usually end up coming to the right place. that's what usually saves it. it's usually the people that wind up turning these things around. you'll see it. >> thanks. great to see you. >> john avlon. we should get a picture of john's head on the grinch. >> i'm the grinch? >> no. >> i'll give you martha may. >> michaela. >>> let's take a look at the headlines. our headlines start with a live look at the scene of sunday's deadly train derailment in new york. you can see the train cars have been removed, crews are working to piece the track back together now. we have learned that the train was going 82 miles an hour as it came off the tracks. almost three times the 30 mile-an-hour limit for the curve where the train derailed. officials also say the engineer slammed on the brakes just
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